Homeownership for All – 97% LTVs


Inspired by Homeownership

National MI has always supported the market for first time homebuyers and the 3% down payment option is in line with our mission to enable low down payment members to realize homeownership – quickly and more affordably.

  • 97% LTV down to 620 credit score for primary residence purchase and rate term refinances
  • 100% gift funds allowed

Less than 5% down doesn’t necessarily mean FHA

Our programs for Affordable Lending and first time homebuyers making low down payment purchases present a very viable member alternative to FHA, as conventional loans can once again become an option for 97% LTV members.

With National MI, a member can expect:

  • Less cash to close
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Equity Preservation
  • MI Cancellation

All important to helping the current generation of homebuyers get into their first home.

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